Camp Information & Pictures

Mt. Zion Camp is located at 802 Greene County Rd 755 on sixty acres. The camp includes two camp buildings, pool, playcourts and hiking or walking trails.

Reservations for using the camp can be made by e-mailing Mt. Zion Camp or calling 870-935-5134. There is no charge for Mt. Zion Churches using the camp.

The churches of Mt. Zion Association have until December 15 to have first choice in scheduling dates for retreats, church picnics, leadership conference, etc. . . After that date, it is opened up to the community for family reunions, anniversary celebrations, etc for a fee. Few weekends is the camp not in use by some group. Everytime the pool is used a Redcross certified lifeguard must be used. The church or group using the camp is responsible for the lifeguard’s fees.

The Main building sleeps 98 people. The sleeping area is divided into two rooms with 48 on one side and 50 on the other side. This building includes an auditorium, kitchen, dining area, patio, fire place, bathrooms and showers. The Small Building sleeps 34 people. The sleeping area is divided into two rooms with 17 bunks on each side. This building has a large meeting room, kitchen, showers and bathrooms. Both buildings have central heat and air.

The calendar found on this website is not the calendar for use of the camp facilities but rather events in the Mt. Zion Association. Please call the office, 870-935-5134 or email for available dates.

Want to help the camp financial? Link your Kroger rewards card to Mt. Zion Baptist Association. Here are the steps:

This rewards program will be used for the camp.  The camp does need the help.  Would you encourage your congregation to use Mt. Zion Baptist Association as their Community Rewards?  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your account
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on Community Rewards
  5. Search for Mt. Zion Baptist Association or AC303
  6. Click Enroll
  7. That’s it.  Once this is done, each time you shop at Kroger the camp benefits.
Small Building
Main Camp building
Tennis & Basketball Courts
Minature golf located near the main building
Ball Field part of Mt. Zion Camp