Mt. Zion Baptist Association
Friday, January 18, 2019

Mission Opportunities

Our Mission Team is based on Act 1:8

". . . you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" 



International Mission Trip Scholarship


The team is members are:
Mission Development Leader: Jackie James
 Local: Joe Little, Don Miller, Kane Reithmeyer
State: Diane Blackwood
National: Bill Becker, Rodney Manley, Heath Hawkins
International: Greg Rainwater, Larry TurnerLarry Bailey



As the National Missions Team leader I am excited to share with you an opportunity to reach an area with little to no evangelical witness. Philadelphia, of all places, is fertile ground for new church plants and evangelistic opportunities. If you would like to be a part of one of our trips please contact me as soon as possible!

The Mt. Zion Baptist Association has decided to partner with the Pennsylvania State Convention with an ongoing work in Philly. They have acquired a church building in an area where there is no anglo (white) evangelical witness among 38,000 people, all within an area of 8 x 16 blocks! With gentrification ongoing in the neighborhood (the buying of properties in deteriorated neighborhoods and repairing them, thus raising the value) the Philly coordinator wants to get the church building ready by tearing out some old construction and remodeling the inside of the church for a church planter to arrive and begin planting a church with a useful building already secured.

The church, built from 1881-1901, is a beautiful facility located in one of the most historical cities in our country. Mission teams would fly (although, driving is an option) in on Monday, spend the afternoon and evening touring the historical sites (truly amazing), such as where the Declaration of Independence was signed and read to the people for the first time and where the Constitution was “experimented” with and the Bill of Rights were adopted. Teams would see the Liberty Bell and great, historical architecture in an amazing city. Tuesday through Thursday would be work days, consisting of tearing out the old and building the new. Then, Friday we would return home.

The cost of the trips will be around $500, all depending on the plane ticket. Meals and lodging while on the ground are paid for, so the only cost after the plane ticket would be meals in the airport, lunch and dinner in Philly on Monday, and any souvenirs one may buy while touring the city. Teams will sleep on air mattresses and will have access to clean, personal showers.

After the construction trips, tentatively scheduled to end this year, teams will transition into evangelism and neighborhood outreach projects to begin building relationships in the community with the church and church planter. We are looking at a multi-year partnership.

Specific dates for these trips, as well as specific needs for each, are as follows:

September 22-27: Sheetrock work, electrical finishing, plumbing, some tear out, complete plumbing

6-10 ppl- Jackie James- leader



October 13-18: electrical trim, painting, trim, install grid ceiling, install doors

6-10 ppl- Bill Becker- leader

Video to show small group or congregation:


Bill Becker